Health Club Marketing – Offering Guaranteed Results

Health Club owners are constantly seeking methods to separate their facility from there competitor s. Unfortunately, most never implement any of the many methods to do so. Our industry has changed drastically over the last ten years and consumers are more scrutinizing than ever. For your fitness business to survive it must become a more results orientated facility.

Face it; people join fitness centers because they want to be more fit. They are motivated by self image, social pressures or health related issues to take the step towards fitness. However, the health clubs that these consumers turn to provide almost no support. Seven out of ten health clubs still give two or less new member intros, after that the member, who has no idea what they are doing is left on their own. They are responsible for their own results and receive almost no attention without asking or spending money to do so.

Guaranteeing results are your health club is a sure fire way to boost retention, increase referrals and add value to your health club. Think about that for second…a health club that actually guarantees results to its members and supports them in real time to achieve their goals, and doesn’t charge a penny for it!

Every single client that works with our company is asked to convert to a guaranteed results model. There is absolutely now down side and the benefits can be staggering. Here is an example of how it can work at your facility.

1. Every member receives a guarantees results certificate with their membership.
2. Each member promises to work out no less than 2 days per week, journalize their work outs.
3. The member meets with a staff member for accountability purposes for 30 minutes once per month or at least every 90 days
4. The staff member makes recommendations to elevate their work out activities and reviews their attendance records.
5. If a member adheres to the program and does not see measurable results after 6 months they may cancel their membership and are issued a refund for any dies paid in that period.
6. If a member fails to adhere to the program, misses a workout, or does not meet with a staff member there guaranteed results promise is voided.

As a fitness professional would you not agree that if a person works out 2 days a week or more for no less than 35 minutes, journalizes their workouts, and meets with a staff member who elevates their program on a regular bases they will see results? Of course they will! That’s what our industry is all about.

There are many more things that can be included in a guaranteed results program. Every facility is unique and can incorporate more or less services.

For the last several years our company has worked with many health clubs to perfect their guaranteed results program and we are confident it can work for your facility too.

Enjoy Your Journey To The Fullest With A Travel Cover

Traveling helps you gain new experiences of life, it displays the tradition and custom across the world. It refreshes you from the everyday hectic schedule. The trip will surely give you a new dimension of life. Obliviously, whether you travel with family or alone, business trip or government job purpose, you want the trip to be fun filled and with ease. What wants to encounter trouble while travelling distant countries, cut off from your familiar surroundings? For a moment there will a panic button pressed in your minds. However, unexpected situations do come up and you have to be prepared for them. Accidents, illness, theft, an emergency situation like flight delays, riots, terrorist attacks at the airport might erupt anytime and so you have to be planned to face such situations. To avoid such as unwanted situation and stay financially equipped to combat it, owning best travel insurance would be the masterstroke.
The article discusses some situation that will make you realize how travel insurance can be handy:
While nothing may go wrong, but if something bad were to happen you may suffer an injury else fall critically ill due to bad weather as such and needs to be hospitalized. Imagine the costs that would incur on medical treatment in the foreign country. It will make a huge hole in your pockets. A good travel plan will just help you to take care of such contingency and a major portion of your medical expenses will be covered.
Financial Emergency
In case your hotel room gets burglarized, wherein you get robbed or baggage is stolen, then obviously you cannot travel as your passport important documents were kept inside. The result would be you would have to stay for few extra days. Naturally, it will incur costs to protect you from this unexpected financial hit, your policy will provide assistance for these incidents. Your financial emergency assistance will also help you during a loss of travel funds.

Personal Liability
Many times accident happen unexpectedly, you may not be the victim but could help liable for damage or injury caused, in that situation. The mishap is as such that resulted in injury to someone or damage to someone’s property. At such point of time, your Best travel insurance will come to your rescue. It will take care of third party liability cover and make your free from any form of tension during your journey giving a peaceful and enjoying experience.
These day online sites offer travel insurance policies with varied benefits and features. You can visit the comparison sites and compare them in terms of benefits & features, claim settlement ratio, terms, and conditions, etc. and then go for suitable purchase.
Purchasing Best travel insurance online is all about providing travellers an ideal cover against financial emergencies and uncertainties right from the comfort of your home or offices. However, certain factors which one should look for while zeroing the policy would be:
Covers entire patient hospitalization along with daily allowance
Personal accident covers in case of permanent disability/death
Cover for contingencies related to personal possession
Cover baggage, documentation visa or passport loss
Covers Expenses related to trip delays/ hotel accommodation, trip cancellation
So, buy your Best travel insurance policy today for creating happy memories in while traveling abroad!

Using Personal Training to Market a Health Club

Health clubs are becoming big business and more competitive. This is mainly down to the need of the populace to combat obesity, especially in young people, which is on the rise, and the plethora of messages about the importance of exercise and following a balanced diet. The need to look good is also a contributing factor. The markets and the ways to market a health club are numerous, but by using personal training, is a method often adopted.

One advantage of personal training has over other health club related activates such as free weights, exercise machines and classes such as aerobics, is that personal training, offers a holistic approach to health and well being, and is not just a facility for fitness.

Health club programmes and activates are fine for what the do, but they cannot offer advice, explain concepts, or answer questions on health and fitness that a personal trainer can. They can also devise specialised exercise programmes to the individuals need and wants.

As personal training caters for the general populace, which ages between 18-50, there is a huge scope for potential clients to join a health club. Providing they are considered to be healthy, or free of disease that affects the ability to perform exercise, then there is no reason why a personal trainer cannot practice the five components of personal training, which are: Muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.

Perhaps the best reason to market a health club by using personal training over other facilities on offer is the ability of the trainer to motivate and inform the client. What are the reasons that stop people going to a health club? Or being a member of one for very long? Is it other commitments and activities seem more appealing? Loss of interest? The thought that at some point the exercise will inevitably become less enjoyable?

A personal trainer offers one on one coaching with a client, and this enhances the experience of exercise. As the relationship develops between trainer and client, breaking that training session becomes that little bit harder, and coupled with strong advice and encouragement, makes it easier for a client to reap the benefits of exercise. This in turn gives the client motivation, and makes them a potential long tem customer, which in turn, leads to more profits.

Clients like to feel that the person teaching them has a qualification in the subject, and personal training is no exception. Ideally, the personal trainer will also have a qualification in CPR too. This has an additional bonus meeting insurance demands and bringing down premiums, as well as presenting a better image to clients with certificates on display.

The Ultimate Fitness Center Health Club Management Software

A big part of owning and operating a fitness health club is managing many business activities and your member contacts.

The more efficient you can operate all your business, employment, and member activities and contacts, the less time you need to spend with administrative tasks and more time providing value to your members.

Technology in the form of fitness health club management software can help you do this tremendously.

The number of activities that go into running a successful fitness health club are many and diverse. You deal with memberships, class schedules, private personal training schedules, customer service, retail sales, inventory, credit card processing, payroll, employee management and more.

The problem with many fitness center software programs

Many fitness center software programs merely offers solutions for a small set of business activities. For example, there is a lot of scheduling software out there – but that’s all it does – it schedules. Likewise, there is a ton of e-commerce software available – but it only offers defined e-commerce services.

What you end up with is a jumble of software applications that aren’t integrated to work as one integrated software solution to manage your business.

An alternative is getting health club management software that is an all-in-one business management solution so many of your business activities are integrated seamlessly in one software program.

The ultimate feature set to have in any health club software includes the following:

Swipe Card Technology

Members can self check-in or hand a swipe membership card to your staff who enters you members into the system.

Software Type

Web-based. This means you access the entire software service on the Internet. It’s also known as “cloud computing”. You don’t have to host or download the software. This is by far my preferred type of software.
You can access your entire fitness center software program anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Membership Management

All members’ (and prospective members’) data is stored in a central database you can access through the Internet. From this member data you can launch your marketing campaigns, send appointment reminders, payment reminders, offer deals, etc.
The great aspect of one central database for your members is you don’t have to juggle multiple lists. You can take care of all your member management in one central database location.

Scheduling Capabilities

You need to be able to easily load your class schedules on your internet. The schedules are revised in the scheduling software – not your website. Your website simply pulls the info from the scheduling software. No more having to have your webmaster update your schedules.
Members have the ability to self-book personal training appointments online (and pay online as well).
Automatic e-mail and text messages can be sent to scheduling members (cut down on no-shows).
Manage your employee schedules in the same scheduling software (different schedule of course). This includes personal trainers, sales persons, reception, and class instructors.

Retail Sales and Credit Card Integration

Most gyms earn more money with a retail shop. After all, you have traffic, you might as well offer items they want.
Get software that makes it easy to integrate your sales and includes credit card processing capabilities on the computer system. This makes inventory management and financial reporting very easy.
Moreover, you want to be able to easily track which members buy certain items. This is excellent information to have when it’s automatically generated.
A must-have is the ability to sell retail on your website. Why not generate more profits from your already built website?

E-Mail Marketing

This is one of the finest (yet often disregarded) features you need. From your member and prospective member database, you can launch customized e-mail and text messaging marketing campaigns.
E-mail marketing is so powerful, yet far too often under-used or ignored. Arguably, the biggest asset of your fitness center is your membership list. If you aren’t integrating e-mail marketing, you are missing out.

Employee and Payroll Management

Get software that also integrate employee and payroll management including employee time-keeping online.
The right software can track all the different pay rates, including commissions, flat rate teaching fees, hourly rates, etc.

Sell Memberships and Gift Cards Online with E-commerce

Give people the option to simply buy a membership from your website.
Or, create membership packages.
Or, offer gift cards (perfect for attracting new members).
Or, offer referral incentive gifts.

Are Fitness Health Clubs All Their Cracked Up to Be?

We have all seen the commercials and advertisements for health clubs; buff toned male bodies and slender sexy ladies using various exercise equipment, drinking that health club drink and so on. Well are fitness health clubs all they are cracked up to be? I will let you in the simple facts of health clubs; they want your money but will they help you lose your weight? Remember weight loss does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Before you walk in to any fitness health club you should observe these precautions. Do not expect to join a club for a few weeks and notice a huge difference in weight loss or body fat reduction. If you join a club you are required to sign a yearly contract and pay weekly, monthly fees to access the facility; most clubs are usually packed at all hours of the day, so go on a trial run at the time you are considering to go. Upon joining the club you are also bothered by solicitations from the club and other member benefits that require more money from you. If you must join a fitness health club you should always look around the area for a great deal and location that is going to serve you right and not disappear overnight.

If you are joining a fitness health club for weight loss; remember that you do not need to join one at all to see effective results right in your own home; even without specialized equipment. With a great weight loss diet plan and some simple fat burning exercises you can lose weight quickly and still have extra money to spare if you actually need to buy a few weights and simple exercise equipment that will do just the same for you as in a fitness club.

Do all fitness clubs offer certified professionals to guide you through a great weight loss diet plan? The simple truth is no; some fitness clubs only require these so called professionals to sell products that you think you actually need and not help you at your exercise machine if you do not buy. What you need to do is make an informed decision based on your needs but you should also look for the perfect weight loss diet plan for your needs that includes fat burning and muscle toning exercises.

9 Tips For Choosing The Right Medical Transcription (mt) Partner For Your Practice

Medical practices big or small are dependent on timely and accurate medical transcription and need to be absolutely certain that their vocal dictations will be transcribed into accurate well-presented documents. Quality of the transcription or report is vital because it further impacts patient care, decisions by other doctors who are referred, as well as the insurance companies reviewing claims. Some practices still do engage secretaries for medical transcription while others have moved to Voice Recognition Software to digitally translate verbal dictation into the written word. Unfortunately, both systems require additional overseeing and verification as they do not assure error free reports -anon-negotiable in the medical field. The third option gaining ground is outsourcing to third party. Today almost 75% of US healthcare companies are outsourcing work to other locations.
Outsourcing medical dictation has many advantage sand it is important to choose the right partner agency for this critical activity. Here are some pointers to help you make right decision.
1.Domain Experience: As the old saying goes Practice makes a man perfect, same goes while choosing the right transcription partner. It helps to evaluate previous experience or work done in medical transcription to ensure that the company is well conversant with acceptable processes and procedures like HIPAA.
2.Quality of Medical Transcriptionist: The core of a Medical Transcription partner is its resources. Well trained and experienced Medical Transcription team would be comfortable with complex medical terminologies and deliver high quality reports.It’s possible that the documents you need transcribed might be different from other specialties. So it’s important that the company you partner with has experience in serving your specific areas. This can be done by checking references or by asking for samples of work done previously.
3.Data Security: Patient confidentiality is paramount from professional and legal perspectives. The medical transcription partner should be using HIPAA complaint processes or technology platforms like ChartNet.
4.Data accuracy and quality:Accurate data entry is an important characteristic as it determines the reliability of the transcription.A good transcription partner will offer two or four layers of quality assurance. This means, at least three individuals will oversee the document before it is sent to you. It is a good practice to ask how many layers of quality control are integrated in the process to ensure high quality, error free output.
5.Turn around Time (TAT):In today’s digital world, speed and accuracy are of essence. Acceptable turnaround time is 24 hours so that you can respond to your patient’s needs at the earliest. Some documents can be completed even more quickly at additional cost for prioritizing it, however for standard documentation, if a company’s turnaround time is much longer than 24 hours; you might want to review other vendors as well.
6.Linguistic and accent experience: Dialects and pronunciations can change the way we interpret something with disastrous results. Dialects can change even from coast to coast, and the differences are magnified when the doctor and medical transcriptionist are in two separate geographies. It’s very important that your transcription partner has resources who are trained and experienced in the medical transcription business; accent sensitized and have a good command over English.
7.Consider what works for you. There is no single solution for choosing the right partner or service. It’s always a good idea to understand the needs and workflow of your practice, preferences of your staff and specialty services you offer before deciding what suits you best. Choosing the right partner and service is essentially about how you work, volume of documentation you handle and what you can adapt to most easily. Do view transcription from different perspectives before you take a decision.
8.Choose the features you need. There are many vendors and even more alternatives to choose from. Vendors often include many optional features to the service element. Not all of them would be relevant to your needs or useful to your staff. Its makes sense to study the pricing models, find out one-time fee or monthly charges, level of technical support, cost of software updates and only pay for what you need.
9.Software interface. It’s important to check if the software interfaces with the existing systems you are using or might use in future. You also need to ensure that the software is compatible with your EHR and practice management system as you will need to share records across platforms i.e. in office as well as to other providers.
Finally, do explore the possibility of a short term contract initially so that you have the option of withdrawing in case of any issues. With more and more companies offering a wide spectrum of transcription services it is easy to forget that it is essentially about accurate transcription, good turnaround time, cost saving, technical support and interoperability.