Health Club Marketing – Offering Guaranteed Results

Health Club owners are constantly seeking methods to separate their facility from there competitor s. Unfortunately, most never implement any of the many methods to do so. Our industry has changed drastically over the last ten years and consumers are more scrutinizing than ever. For your fitness business to survive it must become a more results orientated facility.

Face it; people join fitness centers because they want to be more fit. They are motivated by self image, social pressures or health related issues to take the step towards fitness. However, the health clubs that these consumers turn to provide almost no support. Seven out of ten health clubs still give two or less new member intros, after that the member, who has no idea what they are doing is left on their own. They are responsible for their own results and receive almost no attention without asking or spending money to do so.

Guaranteeing results are your health club is a sure fire way to boost retention, increase referrals and add value to your health club. Think about that for second…a health club that actually guarantees results to its members and supports them in real time to achieve their goals, and doesn’t charge a penny for it!

Every single client that works with our company is asked to convert to a guaranteed results model. There is absolutely now down side and the benefits can be staggering. Here is an example of how it can work at your facility.

1. Every member receives a guarantees results certificate with their membership.
2. Each member promises to work out no less than 2 days per week, journalize their work outs.
3. The member meets with a staff member for accountability purposes for 30 minutes once per month or at least every 90 days
4. The staff member makes recommendations to elevate their work out activities and reviews their attendance records.
5. If a member adheres to the program and does not see measurable results after 6 months they may cancel their membership and are issued a refund for any dies paid in that period.
6. If a member fails to adhere to the program, misses a workout, or does not meet with a staff member there guaranteed results promise is voided.

As a fitness professional would you not agree that if a person works out 2 days a week or more for no less than 35 minutes, journalizes their workouts, and meets with a staff member who elevates their program on a regular bases they will see results? Of course they will! That’s what our industry is all about.

There are many more things that can be included in a guaranteed results program. Every facility is unique and can incorporate more or less services.

For the last several years our company has worked with many health clubs to perfect their guaranteed results program and we are confident it can work for your facility too.